Start HR from your Heart

Any small mistake can cost you a business, but every person you hire can play a crucial role to change your company around.

That's why we want to share with you our 3 fundamentals of success that can be applied to almost any business now days:

Right people + Industry experts + Great technology at the affordable price

Our company is here to assist you in understanding on how to select the right people, get serviced by great HR companies, save time and money, and benefit from all-in-one HR platform. We will guide your team and your business to excellency, while watching your back and making sure that you are strategically thriving!

Use our complete HR solution for any HR related questions you have!

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Right People

Our goal is to make your employees become your largest assets.

Before you make your next decisions for hiring, firing, or other organizational changes use our scientifically based data that illustrates the strengths and weaknesses of the applicants and employees from a variety of angles.

Our multidimensional evaluation will guide you and your team on how to unleash hidden potential, nourish existing ones, and overcome pitfalls professionally.

Get your people to be evaluated for their personal and professional traits, soft skills, aptitudes, working styles, teamwork environments in which they operate best, and leadership styles with our easy to follow 1-2-3-4 steps. More

Intrigued and ready to start?

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HR is a broad industry that includes over 40 areas of expertise. We are selecting small businesses with an existing record of excellence to assist our client with all aspects of HR.

YES, they are small businesses like yours who treasure every client and provides them with the personal attention they need. You do not have to worry about losing time, being put on hold or hearing "let me transfer you to..."

We will get you started with the best HR legal advisors without paying high lawyer fees. Our team will help you recruit the best candidates for a fraction of the cost while avoiding job posting fees.
Payroll, accounting, professional training, legal, performance coaching, leadership training etc.
The work can be too much.

This is why we work with several HR firms that can take these loads off your back!

How we differ from others?
Our partners are small businesses who dedicate their full attention to serving other small businesses only!

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A simple interface and great functionality will help you streamline many of your processes while taking efficiency to the next level.

We will provide you with an easy way to track new applicants, hire them within a few clicks, and provide you the luxury of obtaining e-signatures to onboard them properly and efficiently.

Manage your employees on a daily basis: communicate via text messages, create performance records, track employee working hours, manage urgent shifts and run payroll reports for your team or let our partners to service your payroll and benefits needs!

Our experts will provide you with standard or custom templates, handbooks, training materials and more.

And UNLIKE most HCM software that is designed to take care of existing employee payroll and performance processes, our system is recruiter friendly. Our App is able to offer recruiting, onboarding, aptitude tests, team building ect.

For the first time, you can gain the control over your HR processes!

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