Data Protection Report in accordance with Articles 10 and 24 of the Personal Data Act (523/1999).


HRM Companies Ltd (HRnet)
Business ID 2356090-8
Asematie 2
01300 VANTAA
Tel. +358 40 549 3954


Ilpo Marttila
Tel. +358 40 549 3954


A register containing information on jobseekers, employees, clients and liaison officers of employers' organizations.


The primary purpose of the processing of personal data is the search for the jobseeker / managing the employee / client of HRM Companies Ltd and the employer, or the client, the consent of the jobseeker / employee / client, the client's assignment or any other business relationships. Also, bringing together clients of HRM Companies Ltd and companies belonging to the same group, ie jobseekers and employers, and producing and developing services relating thereto, managing and marketing customer relationships.

Personal data can be processed eg. for the following uses.


The register may, inter alia, cover the following categories of information which are necessary for the purposes of the register:


The primary sources of information are the following:


Personal data relating to jobseekers / employees recorded in the register shall be disclosed, subject to the consent of the jobseeker / employee, to the employer organizations that are clients of the controller for the purpose of matching jobseekers and employers.

In addition, personal data stored in the register shall be disclosed to the authorities authorized by law to obtain information from the register, such as tax authorities, pension and accident insurance companies, and service companies acting on behalf of the controller. HRM Companies Ltd will not disclose personal data stored in the register to anyone other than the aforementioned persons, unless the consent of the data subject has been specifically requested for the disclosure.

For the technical implementation of the data processing, some of the data may be physically located within the EU / EEA on servers of subcontractors outside HRM Companies Ltd, from which they will be processed through a technical user interface, subject to personal data law obligations. Data will not be transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.


Manual material is stored in a locked location that is only accessible to authorized individuals.

Digital data is collected into databases that are protected by firewalls, passwords, and other technical means. Databases are located in locked and guarded locations and are accessed only by certain predefined individuals who have been granted specific permissions.

There are different levels of access, each user being given sufficient, but minimal, access to the task.


Pursuant to Article 26 of the Personal Data Act, the data subject has the right to verify what personal data are stored in the personal data file. Requests for inspection and repair must be sent in writing and signed to:

HRM Companies Ltd
Contact person Ilpo Marttila
Asematie 2
01300 VANTAA
or appear in person at the address above.

The data subject shall have the right to demand from the data controller the rectification, erasure or addition of personal data in the register which is inaccurate, unnecessary, incomplete or out of date for the purpose of processing. If the data subject's request for rectification is not accepted, the data subject shall be given a written certificate to that effect.

To the extent that the data subject is unable to correct the data himself, the request for rectification shall be made by means of a signed document or by other means and shall be addressed to the controller, who shall take the decision. The identity of the data subject shall be visually verified on the identity card before the information is given, if necessary before the verification or deletion.

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